Apr 27, 2011

Odemwingie Not Going To Be Sold Unless A Team Overbids

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According to Christopher Lepkowski at the Birmingham Mail, West Bromwich do not plan on selling top striker Peter Odemwingie unless they receive a monster offer. Manager Roy Hodgson said,

“He’s a good player and we would like to keep him here … Whether we receive any offers or not, who can say? But I’m not sure there’s an awful lot of money around … Certainly we wouldn’t be looking to get rid of him so it would have to be the type of offer you can’t refuse and we know what top front players cost in the market.

“I’m not suggesting £50 million (paid by Chelsea for Fernando Torres) but they certainly cost top money, so it would be a question of what teams are out there with that sort of money to spend and whether Peter Odemwingie is the type of player they are looking for, so there are a lots of ifs and buts.

“I don’t take a lot of notice of the Juventus thing. Any agent in the world can always drum up an Italian club … When I was at Inter there wasn’t a day that went by when there weren’t 10 players we were supposedly signing … It would have run into thousands over two years.

“When I hear about Juventus I just shrug my shoulders. If you’re an English journalists thinking ‘who can I link him with?’ Inter and Juventus are always good bets … Peter seems perfectly happy here and he’s a joy to work and I think he has enjoyed his time here … I don’t think he’s looking to take the first opportunity to get out of the club.”



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