Mar 30, 2011

Defender Heitinga Could Leave Everton In The Summer

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According to the Daily Post, Everton defender John Heitinga is unhappy with his playing time and position at the club and could leave this summer. Heitinga said,

“I have certainly not come here to sit on the bench … Together with Phil Neville, I have more experience than all the others. I have played in four major national team tournaments and I have played the World Cup final.

“But I refuse to go and play in every position now. I don’t want to be right-back again. I told the manager that … I am still aiming for big success here in England. Well, I have played 65 games in the Premier League in two seasons. That is a start.

“I hope being out is a temporary thing. I will decide in the summer what I will do … It’s strange for me to sit on the bench at Everton. I will always claim that I am the best central defender at this club – definitely since the World Cup.

“I could understand it if the manager leaves me out of the team when I make big mistakes. But right now I can’t get over the last few weeks … The manager is not a big talker. Never has been. He does not explain his decisions. He just says everybody will get playing time.”

“I’m not worried about the future … My career is still going up. I can tell that by the massive clubs who came knocking on the door for me in the winter.”



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