Mar 30, 2011

Spurs take stadium action

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East Londoners the Hammers were selected over Spurs in February as the Stratford stadium's preferred tenant by the Olympic Park Legacy Company. Tottenham's failed joint bid with sport and entertainment giant AEG involved demolishing the stadium and rebuilding a football specific venue on the site.

West Ham's proposal was thought to be preferred due to their pledge to retain a running track around the pitch, after the OPLC promised the International Olympic Committee they would keep the athletics facility when they were awarded the Games. Reports surfaced on Wednesday that Spurs had issued a letter to the OPLC this week in relation to potential judicial review proceedings as construction on the 80,000 capacity Olympic Stadium was completed.

Tottenham have denied such reports, insisting 'at this stage' legal action has not been taken, but have confirmed on their official website they have contacted the company, as well as other parties involved, expressing their concerns with the processes which led to the decision. A club statement read: "At this stage the Club has not issued any proceedings against the Olympic Park Legacy Company (the OPLC) or any other party in respect of the decision regarding the award of the Olympic Stadium.

"The Club's lawyers have written letters to the OPLC, the Mayor of London, the Minister of Sport and the Secretary of State for Local Government and a separate letter to the London Borough of Newham raising a number of concerns with the processes which led to the award. The letters also requested - in the interests of transparency - for the provision of certain information concerning the processes, which the Club considers that it is entitled to.

"Tottenham Hotspur will determine its next step as and when it receives a response to these letters."



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