Apr 2, 2011

Roy admits Dalglish troubles

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Roy Hodgson admits the presence of Kenny Dalglish made his job at Liverpool difficult as he prepares his West Brom side to face his former employers.

Hodgson was replaced by Dalglish in January after overseeing the worst start to a Premier League season in Liverpool's history

Dalglish claimed earlier this week that Hodgson had nothing to prove after his disappointing spell at the helm at Anfield.

However, Hodgson believes his position was not helped by the fact that Reds legend Dalglish openly admitted he wanted the manager's job prior to his appointment.

Hodgson believes Dalglish's shadow hung over him at Anfield leading to calls from fans for his head following bad results.

"It's difficult to compete with icons," admitted Hodgson.

"I came to the right club, perhaps I didn't come at the right time because Kenny did make it clear at that time that he wanted the job.

"But the people who were making the decisions at that time decided to go for me, and of course as a result that left Kenny in a difficult position because he is one who wanted the job.

"So when things didn't go well, having him in the background wasn't easy and wouldn't have been easy for any coach.

"But that's such an obvious statement and that happens at virtually every football club, to be quite honest.

"There's always someone in the wings who's a little bit of an icon and who's ready to take over if the results don't go that way."

"Again I can only repeat I have nothing negative to say about the club or my time at the club other than it would have been nice to have won a few more games.

"My time at Liverpool is over, I'm very happy in my job here.

"I am disappointed of course I didn't get the full three years which i was hoping for at Liverpool but I have been in football long enough to know that is what sometimes happens especially when there is a change of ownership during your time at the club.

"I was realistic, I knew the risk when I went into the job, I still think it was the right think to do to accept the offer.

"I am still disappointed of course it did not work out in a better way, but I have no regrets or bad feelings about Liverpool as a city, certainly I don't have any bad feelings about the football club and I have only good feelings about the people I worked with there."

Hodgson admits he is unsure of the reception he will get from the travelling Liverpool supporters at the Hawthorns.

"The reaction to my appointment from a large body of the fans was not positive so I don't know if that would have changed now I'm no longer there.

"Whatever the reaction is, we as managers have to accept that and get on with it.

"It would be nice if their response was not a negative one, but if it is, I'll have to learn to live with it.

"Hopefully the West Brom fans will will try to buoy me up in the other direction."



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